Now that my son is home, I have started on creating him a quilt. Him being a boy means I can’t use any of the lovely soft pinks and greens, flowers and puppet fabrics that I have in my “stash” so I had to go online and order some from america. My eye fell on a couple of charmpacks from moda with dino’s on them in bright red, bleu, green, yellow and purple colors. I combined them with 3 differend shades of yellow and sewed them together in 9 patches….
So yesterday I started to sew the ninpatches and cut them up again to create disapearing ninepatch blocks. It is all very bright indeed, maybe a bit to much but hey, He will be a little boy anyway and I think kids like bright and vibrant colorcombo’s.

While I was buying online anyway, I decided I needed a couple of more of those SP’s and well… the 3 dino ones weren’t the end of it! Last week the packages arrived and I had a total of 15 SP’s on my table ready to be admired! yes 15!!!! I am just sooooo in love with those SP’s, I am planning on buying more and create myself a nice blankie for when I am watching P&P on the dvd ( Jane Austen movies… I can’t get enough of them! ).  I think I need some guidance, As you know I have bought a Bernina a couple of months ago, And I love sewing with it, but I am not sure about what thread to use when quilting and how to start sewing those nice feathery things and blocks…. if you have any advice for me please let me know because I realy want to learn how to quilt with my machine ( not larger than babyquilts though because I can’t get a 2 pers. quilt through the arm of my Bernie ).

thanks for reading, will post pictures later on today

hugs fro now!