I know I have been absent lately but all I did was sew sew sew and some awful lot more of sewing and guess what? I do not even have a picture to show for it!
Last Sunday – Easter Sunday that is – my best friend did her religious out-comming. She told God and the world that she is going to follow Him, takes His hand and let Him lead her through her life. NO , she isn’t going to be a Non, but she confirmed her baptism.
She told me 3 weeks before the ceremony which gave me only 3 weeks to come up with something memorable to have as a keepsake for her in later life. I contacted her Mom – bless her – and she asked all kind of family members and friends etc etc to pitch in and write some wise words on a little scrap of fabric…..
Than she send them all back to me and I made them into Quilt top. I used very light pink because a) she Fancy’s pink a lot and b) soft pink is the Catholic color of the last Sunday before Easterpalmeaster? We are in the stages of embroidering John 10:14 I am the good Sheppard on it and on the outside I appliqued the words : Faith, Hope & Love ( in dutch of course ).
I couldn’t tell about it on my blog because I KNOW she reads my blog, I couldn’t even give you all a hint because I knew she would understand it and go look for the answer…. so all I could do was try to shut up and do the best I can to complete at least the top in time.
So last Saturday evening at 22.55 hours, I stops sewing, pushed the on/off button on my Bernie and called the top finished….. went to bed and forgot to take a picture… duh Dumbo as I am!
So Rian if you are reading this and have a picture on standby, please mail it to me so I can have it published on this weblog for the world to see?!?!?!
Hope you all had a good Easterweekend!
On Monday I visited the grave of my mom for the first time, ( she died last Sunday 2 years ago ) and I have planted some pink tea-roses which I think she would have liked very much.
There goes not 1 day bye without thinking of her, and I miss her terribly, but I also know that life goes on and I have to go forward and can not stay back in time. I have a family of my own now, I need to be there for them, so I am working on myself trying to get back insinc with the time-frame the rest of the world is in…..
And going to visit my mom’s grave has brought me one step closer to your time-frame… please wait for me on the end of this journey?!