We ( mostly me that is ) decided I deserve a membership to a USA based magazine about quilting. I know there are several magazine’s out there and I am not sure which one to choose… I need some help here girls!
I want a magazine filled with gorgeous quilts and patterns, but I would like it to have some ideas and patterns for bags and other sewing stuff too…. and here would come some help in handy… Can one of you ( or all of you ) tell me which magazine would be great for me and if they accept membership from the Netherlands?

On another note ; something completely different so to speak…
I have been sewing up some tea-wallets lately, and gave a couple of them away to friends who were very excited about them! See? just a simple compliment can make ones day a-okay! lol
I’ve bought myself a mini photo-studio with lights and all. and now I am testing it. how does it work and what to watch out for etc etc.
I made a couple of pictures of a bunch of flowers that I bought myself last weekend – yellow roses and yellow and orange gerbera’s.
If the pictures are great I am thinking of making them into picture postcards and who knows, maybe I can send them somewhere in this world! who knows who knows.

Last year I won a Q.I.F. at http://asimplequilter.blogspot.com/ and forgot all about it when I got pregnant. I know I know, It is a bad thing to forget something like a Q.I.F. and I will make it up to the winners A.S.A.P.  just have a little more patience with me please?!
I only remembered about it because Christine had commented on my previous post about the magazine I really wanted but isn’t available in the Netherlands….
She offered to send it to me in the package from the QIF… and well… I could kiss her for that! she is such an accomplished quilter! she is one of my favorite bloggers that I read every day! and Yes Christine, I would be so happy if you would send me the magazine! Thanks a Lot!
Christine has some awesome pictures on her blog of a granny-patch quilt she bought  years ago on an auction… wowie it looks so stunning with all those fresh colors and that crispy white…. how lucky can one be to have such a marvelous find on an auction?!

I will put up some of the flower pictures later today, for now, have a great day and blog you later!