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Is there anyone out there who is willing to give my pattern a go and try it out?
I made it into a .PDF, it is all in cm but if you want it in inches you have to devide by 2,54.
If my written tutorial is clear enough I want to put this up on my website, either for free or for minimum fee.

Bottomline is: I need a patterntester who is willing to work with my pattern and tell me if my tutorial is good enough to be out there amoung all the other great tutorials…..
Please leave me a note and I’ll contact you ASAP!



Today I made a pattern for a babyquilt and I need your oppinion…. is it worthy enough to be put up for download? Maybe I need to tweek it here or there? Also, is there someone out there who can help me make┬áthe wordfile into a .pdf file?

this is the EQ6 image of the baby quilt and if you want to help me with this first pattern idea of mine, please let me know and I’ll send the worddocument your way!